Meet the MMFW Models: Yessnia Austin

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Several models participating in Mid MO Fashion Week Sept. 29-Oct. 1 in Jefferson City are from central Missouri. Read about these models, and find out more about Mid Mo Fashion Week at or here.

Yessnia Austin

Model Yessnia Austin (Photo by Sara Kano Photography)

A 16-year-old Jefferson City resident, Yessnia is a junior at Jefferson City High School. She is a member of the step team, concert choir and The Riot Show choir. She is also the captained founder of the Jefferson City Royal Tigerettes Majorette Dance Team. She is the oldest of three children in her family, including brother Jeremiah and sister Jerica. 

HER: What inspired you to get into fashion, and talk about your first experience in fashion?

Yessnia: The fact the you are able to express yourself through different type of clothing styles. My first experience was for a photo shoot when I was a contestant for the Miss Devine Destiny Pageant in 2013. I was able to express and show emotion and because (of it felt) very comfortable in front of the camera.

HER: What did you do to get recognition from those in the industry, and how have you made yourself stand out to designers, event casting directors, photographers and other professionals?

Yessnia: I have not been in a lot of fashion shows; this will be my second one. But I want people to know that you can be a model if you have a shape and you don’t have to be skinny. I also try to express myself through walk and poses to show my personality to engage the audience.

HER: What is the biggest misconception you find people have about models and the fashion industry?

Yessnia: The misconception that I believe people have about models is that they have to all be very small and tiny and not have a shape. Real people have different shapes and you have to show that each shape and sizes can be beautiful.

HER: What are activities and experiences you are most looking forward to in participating in Mid MO Fashion Week? 

Yessnia: Some of the activities and experiences I am looking forward to are the workshops where we are learning how to better our walk and poise, and better expose ourselves to designers and casting directors, as well as meet the designers and try on the clothes.

HER: Why do you think it is important to have a fashion show like Mid MO Fashion Week?

Yessnia: I believe that having the Mid MO Fashion Week here in Jefferson City exposes people to the State Capitol, the Jefferson City community and surrounding area businesses to what we have to offer, as well as bring awareness to fashion designers and models in this area.

HER: What has Enjoli and her team taught you or helped you with so far in this experience, and what would you like to say to them for putting on this event?

Yessnia: I would like to thank the entire team for giving me and other models the opportunity to model and gain more experience. This has always been a dream of mine to do and I am just grateful to be given the chance.

HER: What are your future goals in the fashion industry and things you would like to achieve?

Yessnia: My plans are to do more modeling and maybe even design some of my own clothes. I would love to be on more photo shoots and one day be on the cover of a magazine.

HER: What encouragement would you offer to others who want to pursue modeling or any other job in the fashion industry?

Yessnia: The only words that I can offer are always try and give it your best effort; anything and everything is possible if you believe in yourself.

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