How to Make a Snow Globe

Food & Drink / Stories / November 23, 2014

Project by Jamie Drake – Photo by Accashia Thomas



• Glass Jar with label removed
(I used a pasta sauce jar)

• Figurine-ornaments, toys, fake tree

• Glue-Quick Grip for the figurine, Super Glue for Jar, Hot Glue for ribbon

• Extra Fine Glitter
(I used White)

• Glycerin – keeps the glitter from falling too fast

• Oven Bake Clay- I used Sculpy brand

• Distilled water

• Ribbon- twine, burlap, lace anything you want

• Acrylic Paint – optional


1. Paint the top and sides of your lid if you desire.

2. With your oven bake clay make a snow mound that the figurine will sit in. Make sure it fits inside your jar. Press your figurine (snowman) into the clay, keeping the bottom flat. Just to make an indentation. Bake the clay according to directions on the package.

3. Use the Quick Grip to glue the figurine onto the snow mound and the snow mound into the lid. Test the jar to make sure it still fits. Let dry for at least 24 hours.

4.  Fill your clean glass jar with distilled water leaving a little room at the top. Add 1 teaspoon of glitter and a few drops of glycerin.

5.  Before screwing the lid back on with the figurine attached add Super Glue all around the edges of the glass for a permanent bond. (you may want to test water level before gluing to assure you have the right amount)

6.  Decorate the lid with ribbon attaching with your hot glue gun.

You can spice it up with ornaments or a brooch.

Sit back and watch the snow swirl.

Alvin Leifeste

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