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Stories / May 16, 2014

Remember the Virginia Slims slogan, “We’ve Come A Long Way Baby,” many might say we still have a long way to go. It’s the 50th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act yet the wage gap between men and women still exists and is once again being discussed by our legislators. At the same time women will be going into combat by 2016, the same year that we might have the first female president.

In our cover story “Women In Uniform” (p. 12-17) we profile three women who have broke ground in historically male dominated fields. Jefferson City Police Officer Paris Campbell and Kayla Zoet, a prison guard at Algoa Correctional Center, are at the beginning of their careers while Lt. Colonel Sandy Karsten is at the pinnacle of her’s as the second in command of the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Sandy has also been a wife and mother and focused on family. It’s all about finding a balance and like HER, it’s about empowering women in whatever path they pursue. It’s fitting that we feature Missouri Girls Town in this issue (see p. 40). Located in Kingdom City, it’s a second home to many young girls and has been changing their lives and those of their families for the past 60 years.

Bonding over a meal is definitely a tradition for most families and in HER Table Argyle Catering’s Executive Chef Ryan Davis shares some easy and tasty recipes for a perfect Sunday brunch. Whether at home or at The Colonel Lewis Bolton Home in Wardsville, it’s a great way to celebrate Father’s Day or any special occasion to catch up with the people we care about the most.

Who needs a reason to spend more time outdoors, lingering at a sidewalk cafe or on our own deck. Soon, though we’ll be seeking ways to beat the heat with the rising temps and humidity. For some that’s catching a movie in a cool theater or jumping into a swimming pool. We showcase some amazing pools by Vaughan Pools and Spas in HER Home (p. 36), along with some cool accessories.

We also want to look good poolside and our 6 of the Best features the coolest shades (p. 8) and the DIY (see p. 10) is a “beach bag” to take to the pool or the lake. For many women, sunbathing is all about tanning and many also hit the tanning beds for that summer glow. In HER Health (p. 26) we focus on the link between the use of tanning beds and the increase of skin cancer. The HB 1411 bill passed by the Missouri House would make it illegal for anyone under the age of 17 to use a traditional tanning bed without parental consent, with a proposed fine of $500 to those tanning providers who don’t comply. It’s sure to be a “hot” issue.

As the temperature rises, crime and 911 calls increase, too, and our HER Career Q&A (p. 43) is with Heather Reven, a 911 operator with the Jefferson City Police Department.

As kids are finally out of school, we also start planning vacations. We check out Kansas City, a great destination for some family fun (see p. 28).

Here’s to summer!

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Ashton Leslie

Ashton Leslie

Shelley Gabert, Editor

Shelley Gabert, Editor

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