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HER Magazine editor experiences FIT Bodywrap at Tan Club

I had never heard of thermal therapy until about two months ago, even though it has been around for hundreds of years. Once hearing about how it works with the FIT Bodywrap infrared heat system, I was intrigued to learn more about how it dispels the body of toxins and fats, and can boost energy.

Monica Hoy, owner of Tan Club of Jefferson City, started carrying this revolutionary piece of equipment in 2017, and invited me to try it. She said, “you can’t truly write right about it if you don’t experience it for yourself.” She was absolutely right.

Monica Hoy, owner of Tan Club in Jefferson City, has seen how the FIT Bodywrap has helped many of her clients.

Even though I have lived within an hour of Jefferson City for the last nearly 15 years, I am discovering more wonderful locally owned businesses now working in our state’s capital for the last nine months. Monica and her husband, David, opened Tan Club in December 2014, offering top of the line tanning beds including Ergoline, a spray tan booth-Versa Spa Pro and most recently FIT Bodywrap. It also provides New Sunshine products, which include Designer Skin, California Tan and Australian Gold, and is Smart Tan certified and FIT Bodywrap certified.

Walking into Tan Club for the first time was like no other tanning salon I have frequented. The architectural design was exquisite and the atmosphere was warm and inviting. Monica’s bubbly, friendly attitude was infectious, allowing me to feel at ease. We went on tour as she told me about the many different tanning beds and services they offer to clients, opening the doors to reveal immaculately clean equipment and cozy, spacious rooms.

“We want people to walk in the salon and be like, ‘Oh wow, look at this place.’ It is calming, upscale and we have the best beds and best customer service,” Monica said. “We wanted to set ourselves apart for that and wanted to be that model.”

Then, we came to the FIT Bodywrap infrared thermal system room. Walking into this whole experience blind to capture every moment with fresh eyes, I was amazed to see the equipment was basically a big thermal bed. And it helps me lose weight? Bonus!

Monica said clients first turn on their favorite movie or television show on Netflix and get totally undressed. A bottle of FIT Booster is then sprayed on your legs or areas of your body where cellulite might be an issue.

“I use it when I shower in the morning just because I like the product. It is clinically tested and as much as it can do with cellulite, it is great to use,” she said, noting the FIT Booster is derived from plant based ingredients and also enhances microcirculation, activate detoxification, moisture extensively, reduces the appearances of fine lines and wrinkles.

“You then put on this FIT Bodywrap disposable coat, which is basically a onesie,” she said. “Then you will get in the bed.”

The FIT Bodwrap provides thermal therapy to four zones on the body, allowing the user to control the temperature in each zone.

After about 10 minutes to warm up, the full time in the FIT Bodywrap is 60 minutes. During that time, four different zones target different areas of the body and have buttons on a wall-mounted computerized controller for the client to easily change the temperature for their best effectiveness and comfort. Zone 1 targets the arms and runs through separate, connected wraps, with Zone 2 concentrating on the upper chest and back.

“Zone 3 is for your butt and stomach area, and Zone 4 concentrates on your legs and feet,” Monica said. “The bed will set itself automatically to 120 degrees. When I get in there I want to sweat, so I will crank up everything to 130 degrees. Other people don’t like it that warm. You can move it up or down to meet your comfort level.”

After filling out some paperwork, Monica began warming up the FIT Bodywrap bed and I followed her instructions before my 60 minutes in the bed began. I left three zones set at 130 degrees, with my feet at 110 degrees.

When I first got into the FIT Bodywrap, the warm, toasty sensation felt a lot like a comfortable warm thermal blanket. I laid my covered Zone 1 arm wraps atop the main FIT Bodywrap and started an episode of “Friends” on Netflix. After about 15 to 20 minutes, I made sure to drink water from a bottle Monica provides her clients, noting it is important to continually rehydrate throughout the process.

At about halfway through my experience, I could feel the sweat start to leave my body, but the well-distributed heat of the bed never once made me feel uncomfortable. It was much like a sitting in a sauna with the heat perfectly enclosed around your body.

Near the last five minutes, I was so relaxed I almost fell asleep. I couldn’t believe people work while experiencing this almost meditative practice.

HER Magazine Editor Samantha Pogue uses the FIT Bodywrap at Tan Club.

“I do have a couple of businessmen that come in here, bring their laptops and work while they are in here. You are supposed to come in and relax,” Monica said with a laugh.

Once my time was up, I realized I did sweat a lot more than I had thought. Yet, my near nap-like state in the bed was flushed after cleaning up and getting dressed. I truly felt a boost of energy and tackled the rest of my day with productive, efficient vigor.

I was amazed to learn even more about the FIT Bodywrap from information Monica provided. Infrared is effective for the use on the surface of the skin as well as penetration of about 1.5 inches into the body. When it enters the body the heat it generates increases blood flow improving circulation, then breaking down fats and toxins that are trapped in water molecules and releasing them through sweat, the information said.

One thing I found particularly interesting in the provided material was the FIT Bodywrap’s infrared heat provides healing and skin regeneration, promoting the rebuilding of injured tissue by having a positive effect on the fibroblasts (connective tissue cells necessary for repair) and increases the growth of cells. I had broken my ankle last summer, and it has healed nicely through medical treatment. However, every once and awhile, my ankle will hurt. After participating in the FIT Bodywrap session, my ankle felt better than ever and didn’t have that minor ache until days after.

There are more benefits to the FIT Bodywrap than just pain relief, burning calories and increased energy. It also helps with muscle recovery, detoxification, improved circulation, skin rejuvenation, stress management and relaxation.

“We have one lady who comes in every other day if she can and has for several weeks. She has lost 12 pounds, and she said she has been doing nothing else,” Monica said, noting clients can use the FIT Bodywrap up to every other day. “We have an older gentleman who comes in and uses it for pain relief. He said it was one of the few things that has worked for him.”

Seeing how the FIT Bodywrap can benefit the body in so many ways, it is no wonder why Deepak Chopra, one of the most well-known figures in holistic-health movement, has praised FIT Bodywrap Clinical Director Dr. Aaron Flickstein’s research and development.

“There are a lot of FIT Bodywrap certified providers in Kansas City and St. Louis, but very few in Mid-Missouri. That is why we wanted to bring it in because of the sciences behind it,” Monica said.

I will definitely use the FIT Bodywrap again for the relaxation, health benefits, weight loss and pain relief alone. And I can’t think of a better, more healthy and productive way to catch up on few episodes of the second season of “Stranger Things.”

For more information about FIT Bodywrap, visit, or contact Tan Club by phone at 573-556-5585, at their location at 2701 W. Edgewood or online at

Story by Samantha Pogue | Photos by Julie Smith

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