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Do-it-yourself step by step instructions to create these shelves from pallets:


• Pallet • Hammer • Wood Glue • Stainer • Paint Brush •  8 Penny Nails (or appropriate length nail) 

• Professional Wood Finisher • Paint Thinner • Wood Sandpaper • Manual hand Sander


Steps_1-21. Cut pallet in between the slates as indicated in the photo.

2. Use the hammer to take off  horizontal slate, be careful not to rip or damage the wood. If the wood rips or splits use the wood glue to repair the damage. 

• If you used the wood glue, wait for it to dry and then nail the slate to the bottom of the  shelve. 

Steps_3-43. Using the hand sander, sand all surfaces to a satisfactory smoothness. Run your hand softly over the surface to make sure it’s smooth enough. 

4. Using a spare piece of wood stir stainer thoroughly. Apply stainer to all surfaces according to instructions on the can. 

Steps_5-F5. Let dry for 24 hours. Clean brush with paint thinner.

• For a professional shine, apply wood finisher. 

• Let dry for 24 hours then hang and  enjoy.

One pallet should create two shelves.

DIY entry submitted by: Dovile Zavistauskaite

DovileDovile Zavistauskaite has always been interested in traveling, meeting new people and exploring new cultures. She was born in Lithuania, a small country in Northern Europe. She came to the United States five years ago as an international student and successfully earned her degree in business administration and minor in economics from Westminster College. Right now she is concentrating on applying to graduate school to continue her education.


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