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A Green Thumb can be good for you. Just ask Alice Longfellow, co-owner of Longfellow’s Garden Center in Centertown, celebrating its 30th anniversary in March. Even though it’s winter,  indoor plants add color and life to any décor and they also make our homes and business environments healthier year round.

“All plants help clean the air,” she said. “They take in carbon dioxide and put out oxygen and reduce the dusts and toxins in the air, which can reduce cold-related illnesses and headaches and aid our respiratory system.”

live-plants-at-jcmg-38-cmyk-handToxins enter our homes through everyday household beauty and cleaning products, usually in small quantities but when our homes are closed up, plants literally breath and bring in fresh air. 

Nature is always healing itself, so it makes sense that interacting with indoor gardens can benefit us in many ways. 

“Right now is a good time to start the new year with a healthy living space and add more greenery inside your home,” Longfellow said.  “Caring for a living thing and watching plants grow increases the sense of well-being and helps us reduce stress and depression.”

As healing as indoor plants can be in our homes, multilayered greenery has positive effects in hospital settings, too. Numerous studies have shown that even gazing at nature can reduce the levels of pain and stress—and, by doing that, boost the immune system and ultimately can aid in the healing process.

Jefferson City Medical Group, JCMG, uses many living varieties in the lobbies of various departments, which are provided, maintained and cared for by Longfellows Garden Center.

By Shelley Gabert | Photography By Julie Smith

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