Meet the MMFW Models: Terra Michelle Lynn Johnson

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Several models participating in Mid MO Fashion Week Sept. 29-Oct. 1 in Jefferson City are from central Missouri. Read about these models, and find out more about Mid Mo Fashion Week at or here.

Terra Michelle Lynn Johnson

Terra Michelle Lynn Johnson (Photo by Sara Kano Photography)

Terra Michelle Lynn Johnson grew up in Warrensburg. At 15, she moved to Jefferson City when she was in high school. Terra works full time as a mobile phlebotomist, in part-time reception at Johnson’s Auto Sales, as a part-time model for the past year and also owner of a brand called #ADIDAM, which stands for All Day I Dream About Modeling.

HER: What inspired you to get into fashion, and talk about your first experience in fashion?

Terra: Fashion has always been a part of my life. I remember growing up and before my brother would leave the house he would ask me if he looked OK. Of course I would let him know, but for the most part he did OK (laugh). But to be able to mix and match and put certain colors together and to have it just make sense is amazing. So I guess my big brother influenced me in that area.

HER: How have you made yourself stand out to designers, event casting directors, photographers and other professionals?

Terra: I believe I have made myself stand out from the others by just being me. I make myself easy to work with so photographers other models and designers will want to work with me again. It’s just easier to be you.

HER: What you have done so far during your career in fashion? 

Terra: I started modeling with Plus Appeal Boutique out of Columbia. I have modeled for plus designer Qristyl Frazier of Qristyl Frazier Designs and have done shows and modeled for T. Couture Boutique, Honeys Child Boutique, Liv & Kiss and Dangerous Curves out of St. Louis. I have also modeled in Full Figured Fierce in Huntsville, Alabama, modeled in the “Walk” fashion show St Louis edition, two seasons of Kansas City Fashion Week and a show for one of the only curvy bridal boutiques in the Kansas City area, All My Heart Bridal. I may have left some out but mainly my travel is between St. Louis and Kansas City.

HER: What is the biggest misconception you find people have about models and the fashion industry?

Terra: I think people really think just because you model that you are not to bright, they think that you’re just another pretty face when that’s not the case at all.

HER: What are activities and experiences you are most looking forward to in participating in Mid MO Fashion Week? 

Terra: I look forward to modeling for Liv & Kiss. Whitney A. Jones is an awesome designer.

HER: Why do you think it is important to have a fashion show like Mid MO Fashion Week?

Terra: I love the fact that fashion is being brought to Mid-Missouri. We needed this.

HER: What has Enjoli and her team taught you or helped you with so far in this experience, and what would you like to say to them for putting on this event?

Terra: I would like to thank Enjoli Dixon and the MMFW team for bringing this to our area and thank you for the opportunity.

HER: What are your future goals in the fashion industry and things you would like to achieve?

Terra: I do want to continue modeling and work my way into the industry for the next couple of years. I want to grow #ADIDAM into an amazing brand and just enjoy this journey meeting new people enjoying new opportunities. It’s really been an awesome year that has gone by pretty fast.

HER: What encouragement would you offer to others who want to pursue modeling or any other job in the fashion industry?

Terra: I would tell new models or anyone to not sweat the “no’s” and rejection from others whether it be from other model, agencies or whatever. Just focus on your goal/dream; don’t look at others. Enjoy your journey!

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