Meet the MMFW Models: Anneliese Wright and Charlotte Crowder

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Several models participating in Mid MO Fashion Week Sept. 29-Oct. 1 in Jefferson City are from central Missouri. Read about these models, and find out more about Mid Mo Fashion Week at or here.

Anneliese Wright and Charlotte Crowder

Anneliese Wright (right) and Charlotte Crowder (Photo by Shelby Kardell)

Lawson Elementary School students fifth grader Anneliese Wright and second grader Charlotte Crowder have lived in Jefferson City all their lives. Both young ladies have currently modeled and participated in pageants for about three months. 

HER: What inspired you to get into fashion, and talk about your first experience in fashion?

Anneliese: I am getting ready to do my first fashion show experience and I know it will be outstanding. I truly enjoy being on the stage now with pageants and modeling is another way to showcase my personality.

Charlotte: I have been doing pageants for awhile, so I wanted to expand and get some experience. That’s why I am currently doing modeling, as well.

HER: What did you do to get recognition from those in the industry?

Anneliese: So far my mom has been helping me send my pictures to different casting directors so I can book more fashion shows.

HER: What you have done during your career in fashion. 

Anneliese and Charlotte: So far all I have done are photo shoots.

HER: What is the biggest misconception you find people have about models and the fashion industry?

Anneliese: In my opinion the biggest misconception is that all models have to be a certain weight or extremely skinny and tall.

Charlotte: That you have to be a certain age or height to be a model.

HER: What are activities and experiences you are most looking forward to in participating in Mid MO Fashion Week? 

Anneliese: I really look forward to being on stage and putting on the beautiful outfits.

Charlotte: I love dressing up and rocking the runway.

HER: Why do you think it is important to have a fashion show like Mid MO Fashion Week?

Anneliese: Mid-Missouri doesn’t have as much opportunities as the bigger states or areas, so I think this fashion show will display a lot of good and unrecognized talents in the area.

HER: What has Enjoli and her team taught you or helped you with so far in this experience?

Anneliese and Charlotte: Enjoli and her team have been very understanding and enthusiastic about their event. They have been motivating me and encouraging me along the way. For me as a child, it goes a long way.

HER: What are your future goals in the fashion industry and things you would like to achieve?

Anneliese and Charlotte: I hope to continue to send out my portfolio, get invited to a few more casting (calls) and get signed by an agency.

HER: What encouragement would you offer others who want to pursue modeling or any other job in the fashion industry?

Anneliese: It’s not as hard or scary as you think. It’s definitely and adventure but you will love every bit of it.

Charlotte: Take the leap you won’t be disappointed.

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