Meet the MMFW Models: Abigayle Porter

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Several models participating in Mid MO Fashion Week Sept. 29-Oct. 1 in Jefferson City are from central Missouri. Read about these models, and find out more about Mid Mo Fashion Week at or here.

Abigayle Porter

Abigayle Porter (Photo by Sara Kano Photography)

Abigayle Porter grew up in Marys Home, attending Our Lady of the Snows School. She then moved to Jefferson City and attended St. Joseph Cathedral and Helias Catholic School before finishing online. She has two older siblings, Cassidy and Connor, and she currently works as a server at a grill/pub before attending college in St. Louis. 

HER: What inspired you to get into fashion, and talk about your first experience in fashion?

Abigayle: I follow a lot of models on Snapchat and Instagram; Gigi and Bella Hadid, Kendall, Emily Rata are my faves. It’s always kinda awkward at first until you get comfortable being in front of a camera by yourself.

HER: What did you do to get recognition from those in the industry? 

Abigayle: I look for any modeling gigs I can find. I’d like to make a career out of it one day. On Instagram, they have scouters that scroll through and find potential models.

HER: What you have done during your career in fashion? 

Abigayle: I am new to modeling. I have been in two runway shows for Dillards. The closest thing other than that is probably when I did competitive dancing.

HER: What is the biggest misconception you find people have about models and the fashion industry?

Abigayle: I was surprised you don’t have to be outstandingly beautiful, and you can have characteristics that that are very noticeable and make you different than other models.

HER: What are activities and experiences you are most looking forward to in participating in Mid MO Fashion Week? 

Abigayle: Walking down a runway or just doing photo shoots even, because I am still new!

HER: Why do you think it is important to have a fashion show like Mid MO Fashion Week?

Abigayle: I think it’s important because it gives people in less populated areas a chance to maybe be discovered.

HER: What has Enjoli and her team taught you or helped you with so far in this experience?

Abigayle: They taught me how to walk properly on the runway, and to not show my surroundings on my face.

HER: What are your future goals in the fashion industry and things you would like to achieve?

Abigayle: After MMFW is over I will look for another project and continue getting more experience under my belt. My goals are to be a model or be some type of promoter for something!

HER: What encouragement would you offer to others who want to pursue modeling or any other job in the fashion industry?

Abigayle: Just get your foot in the door and more opportunities will present themselves, if your feeling like you don’t know where to start.

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