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2011 covers

HER Updates:

Join us as we catch up with previous subjects of HER Magazine.

Hope Driscoll

photo by Bryan Whitely

Hope Driscoll • March/April 2011

Hope Driskill graced the cover of the launch issue of HER Magazine. Since that time, she’s graduated from the University of Missouri in Columbia and enjoyed some once-in-a-lifetime adventures.

What do you remember about the HER cover shoot?

HD: HER was one of my very first interviews after winning Miss Missouri USA. The interview and photo shoot took place in the Capitol, which was special for me as Jefferson City is my hometown. I was interning in Governor Jay Nixon’s office at the time. I was looking forward to competing in Miss USA the upcoming summer, really having no idea what to expect as a pageant newbie. I also happened to be graduating from Mizzou that following year. That was 5 years ago, and a lot has happened in 5 years!

What was most memorable about being Miss Missouri?

HD: I had the privilege of being able to travel around the state and nation for speaking engagements, hospital visits, school and charity appearances. It was especially rewarding to work with organizations in my hometown such as Central Missouri Foster Care and Adoption Association and the Jefferson City Day Care Center. I realized early on that it was more than a crown and sash; it was a giggle from a preschooler, a smile from a veteran, or a volunteer team effort after the devastating Joplin tornado. It was an opportunity to make a difference. The Miss USA Pageant in Las Vegas was something I’ll never forget. I made some lifelong friends and it was an honor representing Missouri.

What was Survivor like?

HD: I absolutely loved my time as a Missouri Tiger and still enjoy going back. MIZ!!! Although it was my plan to apply to law school following graduation, I caught the travel bug and when I was contacted by a CBS recruiter asking about my interest in applying for Survivor, I couldn’t say no. I found that reality television was probably not my thing, but it was another once-in-a-lifetime experience.

I left the day after graduation with a plane ticket to LA, and didn’t know where I was headed after that. After 30 plus hours of traveling, by plane, train, automobile and boat, I ended up on the Caramoan Islands, off the coast of the Philippines. We were dropped off on the island with strangers. The most challenging part wasn’t the heat, lack of necessities like food and shelter (and toothbrushes), or even the physical challenges… it was the mental game. Knowing it was a television show with the cameras in our faces 24/7, I’m still fascinated by how it became one’s ‘real world’ and how easy it is to get paranoid about someone plotting against you. Obviously, I was bummed when I got ‘voted off the island.’ I was happy with how I played the game, and that first meal back at base camp… wow, I was ready! After a summer traveling throughout the Philippines and Malaysia, it would be another six months or so until the show aired. The secrecy of not being able to talk about it was a challenge!

Didn’t you do some modeling work after that?

HD: I signed with a modeling agency in Milan, Italy. From the moment I arrived in Milan, knowing very little Italian, I was sent to castings, with my bags, jet-lag, and Italian map. I was proud of myself to actually find a casting location that day! I arrived in time for fashion week, so I went to castings, walked in some cool shows, traveled around Italy and ate great pasta. I met a fashion company executive that was looking for a model to work in their New York City office. I jumped at the opportunity, because who doesn’t want to live in NYC? I planned on staying in NYC for a couple of months, but ended up staying for about three years. There is something about that crazy city that I will love forever.

Currently, you’re going to law school in Los Angeles. What do you like about being there?

HD: I still wanted to attend law school, specializing in the entertainment industry. After I was accepted to UCLA School of Law, I realized the idea of moving cross-country was not nearly as daunting as the actual task of doing so. I enjoy LA especially when I think of the freezing temps back home and on the East Coast! I don’t have as much time as I would like for modeling, but I work as often as my schedule allows.

Regardless of where my life takes me, the best moments are those spent with my family. My parents are still in Jefferson City, and nothing compares to the feeling of getting to go back home to be with family and friends.

2012 covers

Destiny Rehagen • March/April 2013


Corporal Destiny Rehagen and her then boyfriend and fellow marine, Clinten Schulte, tied the knot in June. Her wedding dress was provided by Brides Across America, a nationwide organization that provides free gowns to military brides. She recently won the Navy Marine Achievement Metal for her professionalism and accomplishments as a flight line mechanic and desk sergeant, Marine Heavy Helicopter Training Squadron.

The Bluegrass Martins • July/Aug. 2013

bluegrass martins

Writing about Janice, Jeana, Anne and Larita and their passion for family and bluegrass music remains a highlight for editor Shelley Gabert and is one of her favorite covers in HER’s history.

Since this story appeared the band has continued to travel throughout the U.S. playing gigs and also have gained more exposure in their hometown. In 2015, they played a free concert on the Capitol lawn for an estimated 2,000 people and appeared at the Mission and at SEGMA.

Internally, their father, Elvin, has stepped back and Anne is now on bass. Jeana, married to Eddy Faris who plays and sings for Ricky Skaggs, has moved from Nashville to Jefferson City. Now the band is all in one place.

“When we’re together we’re happy because we all want to play music, we love it, it’s part of who we are,” said Martin, who refers to herself as the glue that holds the band together.

In July of 2015, Martin formed Sho-Me Music Entertainment to promote The Bluegrass Martins as well as other bands.

“We’ve never been that pushy when it comes to promoting ourselves, always putting our love of music first, but I am excited to represent other bands who I believe in and are like us all about their music,” she said.

A lover of all kinds of music, Martin is also the DJ from 9 pm to Midnight on KOPN Radio’s “High Lonesome Sound” programming block every other Sunday or when she’s not traveling.

She had fond memories of being on the cover of HER, and she and her sisters enjoyed being pampered and having their hair and makeup done.

“We got so much feedback from people and we passed out the magazine at the festivals we played,” she said. “Since bluegrass has traditionally been a man’s world, it was so great that the magazine focused on my sisters and I.”

2013 covers

Anastasia Roark • Nov./Dec. 2013

anastasia roark

CoverCrop_CatherineRhodesPhotographyWEBWhat’s new since your wedding was featured in HER Magazine?

AR: Our major development since our wedding is the addition of our amazing baby boy, Rockford Roark Foster. His name story is fun. Chris’ illustrious grandfather was lost to us before the wedding. His name was Buford, a talented musician. He and his five children appeared on the nationally syndicated “Ozark Jubilee with Red Foley.” He jokingly said, “Don’t ever name a child after me.” So we chose Rockford as a little homage. We call him Ford.

I chose a meandering path to motherhood and marriage—or rather that path chose me. Instead of marrying and having children young, I ran around the planet first. I’ve been modeling and acting professionally since I was 22. Having my first child at 43 seems as natural to me as those who did it at 23. I’ve lived a lifetime already, and I’m just getting started on another one as a wife and mother. I’m also getting into local politics.

What are you running for?

AR: I’m currently vying for a vacant seat on the Santa Monica Rent Control Board. I’ve done volunteer service driving Meals on Wheels for almost five years, and I’ve had the opportunity to meet our elderly, our veterans and our disabled who mostly live in apartments. I worked on a helpline for seniors in danger of losing their homes to the real estate craze that has recently taken hold in our town. It’s very important in a community where 70 percent of the population are renters, some for a lifetime. Local politics can be very heartfelt and contentious, and I like putting my efforts where I can make a real difference.

My husband is getting involved as well. He was recently appointed to the Santa Monica Pier Board, overseeing all activity on the iconic pier that’s affectionately called “The Front Porch of America” for the west coast, and the terminus of the famous Route 66.

What’s new in your showbiz career?

AR: I’m still on TV. My episodes of Two and a Half Men and True Blood are still airing in re-runs. I’m still at my post at E! Channel, voicing the daily E! News broadcast around the world for seven years running. My little show on Cartoon Network/Adult Swim is in re-runs, awaiting word on a Season 3, and I continue to audition regularly. Be on the lookout for whatever comes next!

Do you get back to Jefferson City & the Lake of the Ozarks often?

We continue to spend almost equal time in Missouri and California. We get to go from Yosemite and the beach to our beloved Lake of the Ozarks, Jefferson City and St. Louis. We are busy people! It is a charmed life we are leading, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

2014 covers

Sierra Wilson • March/April 2014


Sierra Wilson is our youngest cover model ever. At only 4 years old, Sierra Wilson’s beautiful green eyes peered out on the cover shot of our first family issue. Today, she recently turned 6 and loves kindergarten at St. Joseph’s, where her younger sisters, triplets Alanna, Selena and Mikayla go to pre-school. Her mother, Dr. Joyce Wilson, an orthopedic surgeon at Jefferson City Medical Group, said she’s active and enjoys swimming and gymnastics, while the triplets have learned how to climb, including the cabinets in the kitchen.

2015 covers

Jenny Samson Morgan • Sept./Oct. 2014


Since being treated for breast cancer, Jenny Samson Morgan is moving forward and remains as busy as ever. The founder of the annual Doe’s Night Out events, she has championed the importance for self-breast exams and garnered major support from the community. The first two events have raised $24,000 that has gone to two nonprofits – the Community Breast Care Project in Jefferson City and She Will Fight, which provides financial and community resources for women being treated for all types of cancer.

Morgan’s latest project is handling product photography for Booby Track Bras, sports bras that include a sheath for a canister of pepper spray or a small knife with holes that’s only sharp on one side and can be used in a punching motion or a slashing motion. The company was founded by her friend in Texas, an avid runner who was once scared after a man jumped out at her on while she was on one of her favorite trails, so she set out to create a product that would allow women to feel safer when exercising in public spots.

On a personal note, Morgan’s family moved to Westphalia and her son, Carson, is now in kindergarten and continues to race and win trophies on the Motorcross, BMX, circuit.

2016 covers

Let us know which cover is your favorite HERE, from the March/April 2011 launch to the current issue!

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