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Kevin: Missouri Legacy Nike Ball cap $26.00; Dri-Fit Nike Mizzou Tee $28.00; Silver Nash Heritage Dark denim $88.00
Shelle: Meesh & Mia Team Spirit Skinny stretch jean with tiger rhinestone pocket $89.00; Meesh & Mia Team Spirit Glitter Tiger b/w stripe Dolman sleeve blouse $54.00
Holding Boston in a Little Mizzou Cheerleader Uniform $36.95 (Carrie’s Hallmark)

Mid Missouri is Tiger Country!

The Blue Tigers at Lincoln University, part of the MIAA Conference of Division 2 schools, and the Mizzou Tigers in their second year in the SEC.

A big part of the college football scene is the tailgating party before and after the game held in parking lots near stadiums across the country. Even the television show “The Simpsons” featured an episode where the family goes to a game, only to enjoy the tailgating party.

Tailgating or hosting a football watching party means food. Veteran football sportscaster John Madden’s new Ultimate Tailgating Cookbook came out this summer and is full of classics.

For our party Chef Riley Epperson from Hy-Vee grilled up many different options for and the Blue Tiger cheerleaders and Mascot Stripes showed up and added some much needed team spirit.

We also feature some new fan sportswear from Dillards for co-eds and families alike.

Major social events, many fans even send out invites to the tailgating party and hold them at bars and other venues than the traditional parking lot.

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