Dreaming of More with YoYums

Food & Drink / Stories / July 10, 2017

Enjoy extra fun facts about YoYums Frozen Yogurt & Smoothies in this special online article.

Check out additional photos from HER Magazine staff’s visit to YoYums for the July/August   2017 article “We All Scream for Ice Cream.”

YoYums Fun Facts

• YoYums co-owner Lisa Kemna taught English and math for years, and her husband, Kevin, was in telecommunications. Kevin ended up working for a company that sells ice cream machines right around the time the first self-serve frozen yogurt shops were coming to the Midwest. “I learned about them and thought it would be an interesting thing to do,” Kevin said.

• Kevin went to school to learn about frozen yogurt, noting he “got the whole inside scoop on how the yogurt shops worked.” “I had never dreamed somebody had put something like this together. … It is a simple business model and something we could easily put together. It has been very successful,” he said.

• The Kemna family has used Yo-Cream frozen yogurt products since the day they opened, with that Oregon-based company being bought by Dannon just a few years ago.

• The YoYums staff bakes fresh, homemade brownies with Ghirardelli chocolate chips, which happens to be YoYums No. 1 topping. They also hand cut individually wrapped Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, finding the taste to be far superior to ordering the topping in bulk.

• YoYums goes through 500 to 600 gallons of frozen yogurt in one month during the summer season. However, they are open year-round and offer seasonal favorites like peppermint stick and pumpkin in the winter and holiday months.

• As the design of YoYums allows customers to experiment and create their own signature treat. Kevin’s favorite frozen yogurt currently is the chocolate gelato. He also loves hot brownies fresh out of the oven, cheesecake and wild cherry topping (with whole cherry pieces in it) for toppings. “(The wild cherry topping) is to die for,” he said.

• YoYums used to be known for their tie-dye parties. However, they still will make custom, original tie-dye designs on a variety of items such as T-shirts, canvas bags, dog clothing, aprons and more. Kevin said they simply order and Lisa will design them.

• Every table has a unique centerpiece, complete with a colorful beta fish greeting hungry patrons. The bright and colorful decor just adds to the smiles created from YoYums delectable treats.

• Lisa and Kevin also appreciate their friendly, hard-working staff. “That is important to us. The business depends on the interaction of the staff and the customers,” Kevin said. “We are pretty happy with the people that want to work here. They are outgoing, friendly, clean-cut, just salt of the earth people. The customers love our staff.”

YoYums is located at 122 E. High St. For more information, visit YoYums.com.

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(Photo by Samantha Pogue) YoYums co-owner Kevin Kemna gets a taste of his new favorite, chocolate gelato.
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