Dreaming of More at Daisy Delight

Food & Drink / Stories / July 10, 2017

Enjoy extra fun facts about the Midwestern landmark Daisy Delight in this special online article.

Check out additional photos from HER Magazine staff’s visit to Daisy Delight for the July/August  2017 article “We All Scream for Ice Cream.”

Daisy Delight Fun Facts

• Built by Emil and Pearl Walther in 1955, the original Daisy Delight building was a small concrete block structure and a drive-in, according to Daisy-Delight.com. Original menu items included vanilla ice cream, root beer and orange and grape slushes. Shaded picnic tables provided seating for patrons who didn’t want to eat in their cars.

• Clarence and Helen Hemmel bought the business in 1960, expanding the menu to include the delicious charbroiled hamburgers that are still served today. They also introduced the first two-flavor twist ice cream cone in Mid-Missouri. “You have to have the two barrels to do that, and we had the first in the area,” said Jerry Bartel, who has owned Daisy Delight the last 14 years.

• Jim Schulte purchased Daisy Delight in 1968, changing the business from a drive-in to a sit-down restaurant, tripling the size of the building and adding a new dining room.

• In 1990, Daisy Delight started offering a non-dairy soft serve, another first for the Midwest (according to Daisy Delight’s website). Dole Whip has now become a staple of the business, and all of the restaurant’s signature Daisy Delight sundaes are created using Dole Whip non-dairy soft serve. “The lactose free ice cream is very popular and brings a lot of people in,” said Jana Bartel, who now co-owns Daisy Delight with her husband and has worked there for 25 years.

• The Four-Flavor Banana Split Daisy Delight started the Daisy Delight creation craze. However, more than a handful of others are served, including the Reese’s Delight, Brownie Delight, Banana Turtle Split Delight, Pina Coda Delight, Turtle Delight, Strawberry Shortcake Delight, Chocolate Covered Cherry Delight, Rocky Road Delight and Red, White and Blue Delight.

• Daisy Delight’s food is also a big hit. Like Jana, many visitors enjoy the charbroiled cheeseburger. However, others like the charbroiled chicken, charbroiled salmon patty or charbroiled Polish sausage & kraut are also customer favorites. “I like the charbroiled Polish sausage. We slice it down the middle and take it face down (to be charbroiled). It has a great flavor,” Jerry said. “If you have never tasted one of our cheeseburgers, I think you would say, ‘Wow, I have never had anything like this.’ It has a steak flavor to it, because of the charbroil.”

• Daisy Delight serves up a special flavor of the week and often gets lots of requests for ones to return, according to Jana. “People call daily and want to know what our flavor is. … You also have people that want this one certain flavor,” she said.

• The Daisy Delight signature Daisy sauce is a popular original made in house, along with hot mustard, cole slaw, chili and soup. “A lot of people try to figure it out,” Jana said about the chili, “but they can’t.”

• For Jana and Jerry, it is nice to see visitors who used to work at the restaurant or bring new generations to experience the delicious food and desserts at Daisy Delight. “They may have moved away and now the are bringing their children and grandchildren. They always share their experiences working here or coming here, having to stop. That is so much fun,” Jana said.

Daisy Delight is located at 2715 East McCarty. For more information, call 573-635-1221 or visit Daisy-Delight.com

Behind the Scenes: Daisy Delight
(Photo by Shelby Kardell) Blue raspberry dip topping spills into a container at Daisy Delight. The restaurant offers five flavored dips that create a hardened candy shell to its delicious ice cream.
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