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Before and After


Jill Bednar, owner of Southbank Gift Company, creates a dazzling zinc finish for a dated porcelain lamp.

No priming or sanding necessary! Prep your piece by cleaning it with Krud Kutter® and paper towels. After cleaning your piece, wipe down again with a clean wet rag to remove any residual cleaner or debris.

Now you are ready to paint! Using the small blue Annie Sloan brush, dip the tips into water, then into Graphite Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan. Apply the thinned out Graphite until the smooth surface is thinly covered.

Let dry 24-48 hours to insure you have a thoroughly dry first coat. WITHOUT water, reapply a second or third coat as necessary, letting each coat dry in between.

Make a mixture of about 50/50 Louis Blue Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan and water. Working quickly and in small sections, apply this very thin, watery coat of Louis Blue over the top of the Graphite.

IMMEDIATELY wipe off the Louis Blue with a rag or paper towel until the desired look is achieved. If you want less of the Louis Blue, you can dampen your rag/paper towel and wipe away more of the Louis Blue to expose more of the Graphite color. It should look like a “dusted” effect with the Louis Blue settled into the crevices and details of your piece. Let dry.


Apply a thin coat of Annie Sloan Clear Wax® with a soft rag to protect your new piece and give it a subtle shine.

Project by Jill Bednar | Photography by Laura Bennett Smith

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