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The popularity of burlap gives a rustic touch to every occasion: weddings, birthday parties and holiday gatherings. 

It is affordable, extremely versatile and goes with just about everything. For less than $10 a roll, eight to 20 different crafts could be created. 

With the holidays just around the corner, HER staff wants to share three easy DIY burlap projects that will impress guests at a holiday dinner, add delicate beauty to Christmas décor and wow Santa himself with a bonus gift when he comes to deliver presents Christmas Eve

To top it off, these projects do not require sewing and only two simple tools: a low temp hot glue gun and scissors.


Burlap holiday napkin rings

(Photo by Samantha Pogue) Don’t spend a fortune on napkin rings you’ll use once a year. Create your own, personal holiday napkin rings to exactly match your decorated dining room table.


Burgundy burlap ribbon
Mini ornaments (used gold pine cones for this project)
Toilet paper or paper towel cardboard rolls


STEP 1: Cut the cardboard roll into pieces about 2 inches in length. 

STEP 2: Roll burlap around the roll. Cut a piece to meet that measurement, leaving about ¼ to inch over each end of the roll. 

STEP 3: Put a line of hot glue on the roll. Press the end of the burlap piece until dry and centered to leave extra at each end. Every ½ inch or so make three lines/dots of hot glue and press burlap to roll until covered back at the initial seam. Cut off any excess and glue down edge. 

STEP 4: Using dots of hot glue fold and press the loose end inside the roll to secure. 
STEP 5: Measure and cut the burlap ribbon to go around the burlap covered ring. Use same method with burlap to secure ribbon in the center of the napkin ring. 
STEP 6: Cut and measure twine to go around the ring, leaving plenty of excess to tie on ornament. Tie on the twine and knot so it is centered on the burlap ribbon.  
STEP 7: Thread mini ornament on the twine and tie and knot to the ribbon tight. Now your napkin ring is ready to use.
Note: With a variety of different colored burlap, ribbon, materials and adornments, you can personalize your ring to match any place setting.
HER DIY: Burlap Napkin Rings
HER DIY: Burlap Napkin Rings
STEP 1: Cut the cardboard roll into pieces about 2 inches in length.
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Burlap Repurposed Ornament Angel

(Photo by Samantha Pogue) Repurpose older ornaments by making rustic and beautiful burlap angels to use as Christmas decor.


Old white ornament
Fabric flowers
Gold ribbon 
STEP 1: Cut a rectangle of burlap. The size of the rectangle will depend on the size of your ornament. I had an old bulb about 1½ inches in diameter, so I used a rectangle about 6 inches in length. 
STEP 2: Take one corner and meet the corner diagonal from it together to create a point. Fold in the sides to create a triangle for the angel’s gown. Secure those sides together – making sure it is not completely flat – with hot glue. 
STEP 3: Cut two small rectangles of burlap about the size of the one used for the dress. Secure one corner of the burlap to the upper back of the dress. Then glue the corner diagonal to the one glued to the back of the dress to the same spot on the front.
STEP 4: Fold in the other sides of the triangle and secure with hot glue. Repeat with other wing to the other side of the dress. 
STEP 5: Take the white ornament bulb and hot glue one fabric flower to the top near the hook hole, leaving the hole exposed. Repeat with the other flower on the other side of the hole. 
STEP 6: Place several glue lines on the top of the dress, hold and press the ornament to secure. Make sure it is dry. Add a couple of extra lines of glue just in front of that base to make sure the ornament remains attached to the top of the burlap dress. Let dry. 
STEP 7: Take a strip of lace and glue it to one of the wing bases on the back of the dress. Cross it over diagonally to the front of the dress, and secure it in the front with glue. Repeat with a second lace strip from the other side. This also helps hide the untidy ends of burlap that do not have finished seams. 
STEP 8: Use a fabric flower and gold ribbon to adorn the front of the angel over the lace. Secure with hot glue. You can attach a hook to the angel and hang it on a larger Christmas tree, use string to attach to a wreath or hang on the wall or from the ceiling as décor. 
HER DIY: Burlap Repurposed Ornament Angel
HER DIY: Burlap Repurposed Ornament Angel
STEP 2: Take one corner and meet the corner diagonal from it together to create a point.
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Reindeer Food

(Photo by Samantha Pogue) Reindeer food will add a special gift for Santa when he comes to deliver presents Christmas Eve.


One piece of brown felt 
2-3 small jingle bells 
Gold ribbon 
Red pom-pom 
2 googly eyes 
Food – could be sparkly pom-poms, cotton balls or real candy like M&Ms or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
STEP 1: Cut slits on each corner and sides of the brown felt piece.  
STEP 2: Take a long piece of gold ribbon and weave it through the slits. 
STEP 3: Making sure the ribbon ends are even, pull the ribbon out to tighten the felt into a pouch. You may need to adjust the felt into that shape as it can be a bit stiff. 
STEP 4: Fill your pouch with your “food.” (I used M&M’s because they enjoy sweets just as much as Santa!) 
STEP 5: Cut a rectangular piece of burlap about 6 inches in length. At one end, fold in the corners to create a triangle and secure it with hot glue on the seams. Repeat at the other end on the same side.
STEP 6: Flip over so the finished side is up and hot glue the red pom-pom to the front. Fold the burlap in half to match the point of the triangle and hot glue the two googly eyes in place to create the reindeer face. Let dry. 
STEP 7: Take the back of the reindeer head and stick it in the pouch. Pull the ribbon tight and knot it so the reindeer head is in position. 
STEP 8: String the jingle bells to the knot of the ribbon or use a smaller piece of string if needed and tie to the ribbon. Make the ribbon into a bow. 
STEP 9: Position the face of the reindeer by tucking it slightly into the top of the pouch or resting it on the top of the pouch. Place by Santa’s cookies and milk or hot chocolate near the tree Christmas Eve
HER DIY: Reindeer Food
HER DIY: Reindeer Food
STEPS 1 & 2: Cut slits on each corner and sides of the brown felt piece. Take a long piece of gold ribbon and weave it through the slits.
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