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White, green, oolong and black – the four type of teas are all produced by the same plant camellia sinensis but each have theirown properties.

Black tea is the most oxidized and provides the highest level of caffeine while the rarest variety and most expensive is white tea, which is also the least processed, contains less caffeine and more antioxidants than any other type of tea. Both green and oolong, a cross between black and green tea, originated in China and provide many health benefits.

Brew yourself a cup at home in one of these fun teapots and add these tasty cucumber sandwiches for an afternoon tea in the favorite nook of your house. It makes for a special way to find some peace on earth during the busy holiday
season or any time of year.

Three Story Coffee offers a variety of loose teas from Empire Tea Services, including Oliphant and Citron Green, Vanilla Chai, a flavored small leaf Ceylon black tea, cardamom, cloves, ginger & cinnamon spices from Sri Lanka, and Earl Grey Supreme, a traditional blend of Ceylon teas, Bergamot flavoring and orange peel.
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Empire Teas can be purchased online and offer a variety of holiday blends, such as Kris Kringle’s Delight, ceylon black tea, chocolate, hazelnut and almond flavors accented with green and red sugar coated fennel seeds. There’s a Thanksgiving tea with pumpkin pie flavors and a Holly Berry black tea, Mao Feng green tea, red peppercorns and raspberry flavoring. Check out their website at


Story by Shelley Gabert | Photography by Shelby Finch and Julie Smith

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