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Monica and Randy Rackers with their dog Oakley. Married for 37 years, the couple built this home on their 80 acres in Taos.

Monica and Randy Rackers with their dog Oakley. Married for 37 years, the couple built this home on their 80 acres in Taos.

The rustic, wood-crafted log home of Monica and Randy Rackers could easily pass for a cozy, hunting lodge. A mounted turkey at eye level greets visitors in the foyer and there’s a chandelier of deer antlers too. Other wildlife throughout the home adds to the décor and reflects the outdoorsy lifestyle of the family. Touches of tooled leather made by Monica also grace the walls throughout their home.

The Hillview, a 3,200 square foot custom-designed log home in Taos blends modern amenities and conveniences and offers wonderful views of the countryside and the changing seasons. The vistas from the deck alone include parts of Callaway, Osage and Cole counties.

“We knew when we built this house that we wanted it to be very different so that is why we chose a log home,” said Rackers, a graphic designer at the News Tribune.

Rackers drew the detailed design plans and Expedition Log Homes and Mike Andrews Construction brought their vision to life. Made of 2×6 insulated walls with logs applied over them, the floor plan is open and airy. The home features 9-foot tall walls and different ceiling heights, including a 24-foot high cathedral ceiling in the great room that features a tie beam with a king and queen log post trusses.

“We wanted to design our dream home so that we could live there as we grow old.” she said.

Wider hallways, three-foot-wide doorways and an owner’s suite on the main-level are some of the aging-in-place features in the energy-efficient home.

The home won the National Association of Home Builders by capturing the Excellence in Home Design award for homes in the 3,000 square feet range. The home design and floor plan has been used as a model for other Expedition Log Homes built throughout the U.S., including Maine, New York and Pennsylvania.

Since building the home, Monica has become a field representative for Expedition Log Homes.

A turkey and a bobcat in the foyer set the tone for the variety of wildlife found in the home. The hand crafted stairway includes half-log treads and open riser and the recessed lighting warms the brown sycamore stain
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Story by Shelley Gabert | Photography by Julie Smith and Monica Rackers

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