A Scone for All Seasons

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A sister of the biscuit, the more sophisticated scone enjoys a long tradition as part of afternoon or high tea across the pond. In Britain they’re shaped in the round, but here in America the scones are usually cut into triangular shapes. A stand out at tea rooms like the London Tea Room in St. Louis or the Shady Gables in Versailles, Missouri, scones are also often served with jam, lemon curd and clotted cream.

In recent years, scones have moved out of the “tea room” and to the masses served at bakeries and coffee shops. Savory or sweet they’ve become a popular treat for breakfast, brunch or an any time dessert.

With a little effort, scones can quickly be made at home and taste best right out of the oven, or can be frozen and baked one at a time with a cup of tea or coffee.

The recipe is simple – usually flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, butter and milk–but it’s the ratio of these ingredients, the add-ins, tweaks and adjustments from the chef or home-cook that make all the difference. Some swear by using only pastry flour and heavy cream to create moist and delicious scones. On the Rise Restaurant at Osage Beach makes them in the round, with sugar sprinkles galore. The scones at Starbucks are made at the corporate office and then shipped to each location throughout the country.


Hy-Vee of Jefferson City

The employee-owned grocery store on the west side of town added scones to their bakery offerings this year. According to Bakery Manager Guy Sheldon, Hy-Vee sells approximately 1,200 packages of 6 scones each every month. Apple cinnamon and blueberry are best sellers but there’s chocolate chunk, too.

Hy-Vee uses Pillsbury’s Place & Bake Freezer-to-Oven scone dough and pops four large pans into their oven at a time. Bursting with fresh blueberries, raspberries and cinnamon chips, the goodies are folded into the dough. Sheldon adds a glaze of powdered sugar and water with a splash of vanilla.

A great way to mix it up for those who usually choose muffins to bring to the office.

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Three Story Coffee

Coffee may be the main attraction but the scones at the Millbottom location are a great compliment to the beverage at any time of day. Manager Justin Duren makes fresh scones every morning and they usually sell out. Since January he has sold more than 3,500 scones.

He uses the same base recipe and then adds flavors and ingredients like cranberries and nuts. He adds half and half and one egg to the flour mixture. Then he shapes the dough into a round with his hands.

“The more you knead the dough it can get tough,” he said. He then bakes them in a small confection oven and the smells filling the small space are heavenly.

For the Cranberry Orange scones there’s the tart cranberry with lemon zest, topped with a glaze made of orange juice and confectioners sugar. The maple pecan features a brown sugar topping.
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Stover Country Market

When Connie Iman opened up her new store in Stover, nine miles from Versailles, she had no idea how popular her scones would become to her loyal customers.

Her blueberry or raspberry lemon scones fly out of her pastry case every morning. The savory bacon and sausage variety go over well and some customers prefer theirs covered with her homemade gravy.

Iman perfected her recipe at home and found success with a special flour blend and heavy whipping cream for her scrumptious scones. She also offers a gluten free variety.

While she bakes, she channels her grandmother Louise Bohlken by wearing her apron and using her pastry cutter. Iman also sells fair trade Branson Bean coffee by the cup or the bag.

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Story by Shelley Gabert | Photography by Julie Smith, Asher Dale and Lloyd Grotjan

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