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A Little Color, Bold Statement

When Casey Marsch and her husband, Ryan, bought a ranch house in Covington Gardens this past summer, she immediately began making improvements. Built in 2002, the house was definitely showing its age. “That 10 year mark is when a house becomes outdated so we wanted to add character to the home as well as making […]


What’s Your Clutter Personality?

By Charlotte Heyer, co-owner of Organize That Space –  Most of us have too much stuff. Usually the process happens slowly and often mysteriously –  but there’s no denying that the stuff comes in but never goes out. We often become overwhelmed, which leads to doing nothing and the problem multiplies until one day when […]

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Stone Hill Wine Bottles

Celebrate Missouri Wines

Photography by Keith Borgmeyer and Canterbury Hill Winery September is Missouri Wine Month and the upcoming fall months are a great time to celebrate the 128 recognized wineries in the state and … [Read More...]



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“Sole Hope” by Pantaleo Films

As the cover story for our January/February 2015 issue, Lindsey Pantaleo shared her experiences and … [Read More...]

Amanda Cramer, left, and Bobbie Schaeperkoetter of Drop Leaf Designs

The Sisters of Drop Leaf Design

What may be junk to most people is potential treasure for sisters Bobbie Schaeperkoetter and Amanda … [Read More...]

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Iggy the Iguana Statue 
Known for its ability to adapt to most any environments, this exotic, Toscano - exclusive iguana is ready to enthusiastically leap, feet-first, into your garden or patio setting. Realistically cast in almost two feet of quality designer resin and meticulously hand-painted in colorul hues, Iggy draws attention from even the most seasoned reptile lover!
Uniquely Rose Boutique, 
(573) 634-2473

6 of the Best: Yard and Garden Decor

HER recommends 6 of the best yard and garden accessories: … [Read More...]

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Holiday Cocktail Party Cheer!

Whether it’s a mixer or reception for social or business networking, the cocktail party is a fun, festive way to spend time with family and friends during the holidays. The star of the show is usually the cocktail, but delicious finger foods are a … [Read More...]

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How to Style: A Teacher Before & After

HER advertorial featuring styling by Calena's Fashions and Marshall & Company -  Teresa Williams is a dedicated third-grade teacher at North Elementary School with 25 years of experience. When not busy with school, the wife and mother of … [Read More...]